Private yoga therapy sessions are available by appointment, either in my Primrose Hill studio or in your own home.   Please email to book or discuss.

As a yoga therapist and medical doctor, I combine my medical knowledge and yoga experience to provide a unique, holistic approach.

I have a wealth of experience working with clients with many different medical conditions - arthritis, asthma, cancer, MS, stroke, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia.


Private Yoga Therapy in Primrose Hill studio                               £75

Private Yoga Therapy in your home                                                £100

Yoga Therapy Testimonials

'Kiki's yoga lessons are full of the calm and kindness that she radiates as a person.  I am so grateful to have done a course of restorative private lessons after returning to yoga from a long break, following several surgeries and ill health.  Kiki's medical background meant that she really understood where I was physically and that in turn gave me the confidence to trust her to support me in a fragile state.  Every lesson felt like medicine, helping me move and reconnect with my body and the joys of a yoga practice.  Kiki's love of yoga is infectious and our lessons felt considered, generous and grounding.  I cannot recommend Kiki enough.'  Lee

I am so happy to have found Kiki as my yoga teacher.  She is so experienced.  Her class is based on the breath and then includes poses, relaxation & yoga nidra.  The TRUE yoga.  I feel very safe with her as, even though I have had a spinal stroke, she works around this but never pushes.  I always feel better and pain free during and after the session.    Chantal

In December 2004 I was diagnosed with a highly malignant, life threatening brain tumour.  I was whisked in for emergency brain surgery, followed by a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which finished in September of last year when I received a scan, which showed the tumour had disappeared.  I was 'all clear'.  I started to do yoga therapy with Kiki right at the beginning of my treatment to help me with the emotional and physical side of the whole ordeal.  Kiki helped to heal the whole of me and to guide me to a state of inner peace, calm and solid strength which was such a comfort and important tool for me to call on during the whole of my treatment and ever since'  Emily